Cartersville Comic Con Artist Listing:


Paul Maitland/Paul Maitland Art


Selling: Original artwork & prints. Popular culture themed.

Eddie Price


Selling: Comic Art

Bryan SilverBaX


Selling: Art

Chris Goins/Black Sheep Studios


Selling: Cartoon Originals & fan art. Sci-fi, fantasy, horror & comics

Margaret Markey/Gene Markey


Selling: Art prints (original & fan art,) Cosplay elements, hand painted fandom items, original episodic Comics. On-site commissions.

Jake Wade


Selling: Ninja James Roberts Vol. 1 & 2. Original comic/manga. Doomsday Clock original PC game. T-shirts, art prints, commissions.

Chris Garrett


Selling: Original self published comic books, short stories & poetry in different genres.

Jason Flowers/The Art of Jason Flowers


Selling: Original art prints, comics, artwork & custom made sketches.

Jonabel Cannon (LadyBeluga)


Selling: Prints, buttons, button packs, stickers, sticker packs, keychains.

Jasmin Orozco (JasminDoodles)


Selling: 8x11 prints, buttons, button packs, stickers, sticker packs & keychains. Original artwork.

Christopher Collins/Harrowscape


Selling: “The Raggedy Man” novel, comics, original drawings, prints.

Becky Adams/Tiny Expressions Face Painting & Special Effects


Selling: Face Painting


Cartersville Comic Con Crafters:


Josh & Lucy Tyler

Curly Kitty


Selling: Crichet character hats, scarves, nerdy art, hand made kitty ear hair clips.

Kayla Hedges

Lone Wolf Accessories


Selling: buttons, one of a kind art cards, dice bags, bow ties, hair bows, perler.

Jami Ingram

HP NerdCrafts


Selling: Fandom themed decals, painted tumblers, phone cases, pop sockets & wooden signs.

Faith & Darwin Harn-Dailey

Selling: Perler bead art work, Star Wars magnets, paracord charm necklaces.

Tina Samuels

Selling: Firefly themed bath & body products.

April “Leigh” Dominick

Talk Nerdy To Me

Talk Nerdy to Me Fan Group

Selling: Handcrafted bags, embroidered key chains, headbands, bows.

Kristi Gulick

Adorable Allure


Selling: Original artwork, pinback buttons, bookmarks, prints, vinyl decals, acrylic charms, enamel pins.

Justin Motter

R2-D2 Builders Club

Star Wars R-2 builders



Cartersville Vendor Listing:


Allen Askew/A&A Toys

Selling: Action figures, diecast

Jeremy Baxter/Tennessee Toy Hunters

Selling: Action figures, Vintage & current

Tony Black/Why So Serious Comics

Selling: Comic books & collectibles

Ryan Blankenberger/Blanknstein

Selling: Retro toys, video games & horror toys

Ricky Broussard/Custom-Costumes

Selling: costume displays

Dave Checkle/Dave’s Comics

Selling: Great Comics & Toys

Matthew Christein/Excelsiorcomix

Selling: raw and graded Comics

Seth Cosby/Seth’s Toy Closet

Selling: Vintage Star Wars, GI Joe, Funko Pops, and modern toys

Dale Culpepper

Selling: Vintage toys 1950’s-1990’s

Dutch & Melanie Cummings/Super Bear Toys

Selling: Vintage & modern action figures & Toys. Star Wars, GI Joe, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Toy soldiers, Marvel, DC, Comic Books, Loot Crate, gaming supplies & much more!

Jim Daley/JB Cards & Collectibles

Selling: Funko Pops, gaming, comic cards, Pokémon & supplies.

Mark Derrick/Have Comics Will Travel

Selling: old comic books and related toys

Jeff Ferguson/Crazy Geeks & Company

Selling: Marvel Legend, spawn, hellboy, Transformers, spider-man, gobots, dc, Action Figures

Ben Flater/Retro Rewind Comics

Selling: comics, pops, artwork

Ricky Flores

Selling: Star Wars action figures

Mike Foshay

Selling: comics

Chris Foss/Heroes & Dragons

Selling: Vintage Comics & Toys

Zach Green

Selling: collectible comics, Pop vinyl figures, superhero & Star Wars action figures and playsets

Michael Gunter/The Battlegrounds Games & Comics

Selling: comics, toys, posters, gaming

Kane Hawkins

Selling: Star Wars, Hot Wheels, Batman

Steve Hinton/SpinnerRack Comics & More

Selling: Comic books & Comic collectibles

Sandy Attia-Holub

Selling: Funko Pops, TMNT, Star Wars, Action figures, Where’s Waldo, Disney

Marten Jallad/Retroville Collectibles

Selling: Vintage & modern toys

AJ Kocher/Fantasy Factory

Selling: Comic books

Aaron Lee/K’s Action Figures & Comics

Selling: Vintage & Classic masters of the universe, GI Joe, Transformers, mask, thundercats, voltron Action figures and playsets

Joseph Robert McKeel/HallowCon

Selling: Promoting HallowCon Convention.

Claire Miller

Selling: Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, vintage toys and a few comics

Jason Mink/Infinity Flux

Selling: comics, Action figures, board games

Andy Noble/Toys N Stuff

Selling: Action figures including GI Joe, 20th Century, Star Wars, and the like. Barbies, Bratz, Monster High, plush, games.

Courtenay Ware Parham

Selling: Star Wars, Star Trek, super heroes, Vintage Toys

Ed Reid/Lenlock Hobbies DBA Dier’s Treasures

Selling: Anime, sci-fi, comic and Pokémon jewelry and pocket watches, gaming supplies, rpg & themed board games and gundham models.

Mario Russo/Mario’s Comics

Selling: Vintage comic & comic art

Robert Smithers

Selling: Comic books, toys, puzzles, clock made from comic book covers.

Rocky Spurlock/FarleyCon

Selling: Comics, toys

Terry Stair/Stairwaytoys

Selling: Vintage Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joe, mostly toys from the 80’s.

Jeremy Wade Stringer/NT Collectibles

Selling: Retro video games, Action figures, Comics.

Ginger Sweet

Selling: Funko, DC Bombshells, horror merchandise, games, books & other collectibles

Justin Taylor/TNT Comics

Selling: Trades/Copper-golden age comics.

Wesley Tillander/Posters & Comics

Selling: Comic books, stickers, grab boxes, movie posters, Pokémon items.

Amanda Tuerke/The Phoenix Nest

Selling: Pop figures, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, Pokémon merchandise, dice, necklaces, hand painted items.

Jeff Weresch/Fine Comics

Selling: Comic books

Tim Wilson

Selling: Gold, Silver & Bronze-Age Comics.